Monday, May 13, 2013


Don't understand what Slutty Girl Problems is all about? Check out the short FAQ below.




Why "Slutty" Girl Problems? 

Women who act on their normal and natural desires are labelled "Sluts" - a societal problem in and of itself. Slutty Girl Problems reclaims the word "slut" and uses it as an empowering term; which encourages people to openly discuss their real-life experiences (and the ups and downs of being sexually active) without judgement. Slutty Girl Problems promotes SAFE sex, CONSENSUAL sex, and RESPONSIBLE sex, along with a confident and empowered attitude.


What will the new site do?

The new website will empower young people to feel confident, take control, and discuss their sex lives openly through more content, advice columns & guides, resources, and an interactive environment. 


Why Support the new site?

Your donation will help SGP's empowering message to reach more women and men around the world, and fully express the message in a way which is lost on the 140 characters of Twitter alone. 

See the IndieGoGo campaign for more information!