Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Write for Slutty Girl Problems!

We're launching our new website at, and we're looking for talented writers to get on board! 

We're currently hiring for "Man Candy Monday""Slut of the Week""Celeb Watch", "Ask the Man Whore", and "Ask our Gay BFF"

Why write for Slutty Girl Problems?

Slutty Girl Problems is the #1 online community and original content source for young, sex-positive women. We provide humorous content, social commentary, educated advice columns and guides, sex-positive resources, and an interactive environment where readers can connect and express themselves. Our reach spans across the globe, with a growing following of over 350 thousand, and a presence on all social media, including Twitter, Tumblr, Vine, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, and Facebook. Our previous website had over 150K unique views over 3 months, and we expect this number to double with the launch of our new website. We are currently building a team of staff writers (age 18+) to contribute columns regularly on a variety of topics. 

EXPRESS yourself.  As a writer, you become the voice of a generation. Share your thoughts with a huge audience around the world!
Get EXPOSURE.  Promote your blog, Twitter, or other social media through your posts, in your bio and tagline.
Get PUBLISHED.  Your experience can be used on a resume, college, or job application, and our founders and editors can be used as a reference. 
Get PAID. We offer monthly gift card contests and exclusive writer rewards, listed below. In the future, we will offer commission, paid YouTube videos, and may send you free products to review. We will also be hiring interns!
Rewards. Staff writers get online discounts, special access, and invitations to SGP events when available. You’ll also be first to know about exclusive contests, giveaways, and free products!

What are the responsibilities?

Regular Articles.  We require regular contact and one or two columns each month. (More if you're super motivated!)
Original.  We look for articles that are well-written, funny, intelligent, and are a good fit with our brand. We expect them to be in-touch with current news and popular culture. 
Passionate.  All applicants must be self-motivated, dedicated, and creative. Should be open to constructive criticism, edits, and suggestions.

What can I write about? 

Right now, we're only hiring for "Man Candy Monday""Slut of the Week""Celeb Watch", "Ask the Man Whore", and "Ask our Gay BFF"

In the future, we'll have several other topics and opportunities available! You can apply for these positions now, or wait until new positions open up. Writers who apply now will still have the opportunity to apply for future positions. 

We will only be hiring a few applicants. Must be 18 or older.

Sample Column

We require that you write a sample column when you apply for this position. 

Man Candy Monday columns should be in the same format as our "James Franco" post here - with a few "bullet points" on why we love them. Slut of the Week columns are a similar format, with slightly different information. Example here.  If applying for "Celeb Watch" or "Ask the ___", email us for more information.

Your column should be original, literally be laugh-out-loud funny, and borderline make us pee ourselves. Must be full length, 700 - 1000 words. Don't include photos.

Choose one of the following celebrities for your sample column:

- James Deen                     - Joan Rivers
- Mark Wahlberg                 - Chelsea Handler
Aaron Paul                       - Patti Stanger
- Ludacris                           - Miley Cyrus
- Adam DeVine                   - Kesha
- Scott Disick                      - Any of the Kardashians
- Ian Somerhalder               - Britney Spears
- Justin Timberlake              - Bettie Page 
- Your Choice                      - Your Choice

*Do not write about James Franco, Adam Levine, Marilyn Monroe, or Jennifer Lawrence.


  • Fill out THIS APPLICATION entirely in a document
  • Complete THIS DOCUMENT and agree to the terms by writing your name and the date.
  • Save both files as PDFs and attach them to an email. 
  • Attach writing sample(s) to the email as .doc, .docx, or .pages files.
  • Send to with the subject “Application for (Your Name)”

If you don't hear back from us within 24 hours, email Your email might not have come through.

If you have any questions about the job, e-mail, but do not e-mail with questions about our hiring process, when you will hear back, etc.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Website Update - Getting Close!

Our website is scheduled to launch VERY soon! Our official launch date is January 10.  You can keep posted with our updates, and even get a sneak peek here!

Website Updates

Remember to save to your favorites!! We'll keep you posted!